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Making a generalogical inquiry to the Bunker Family Association can be done in many ways.

The official BFA genealogists are:

Mr. Gil Bunker, President
9 Sommerset Road
Turnersville, NJ 08012-2122
(856) 589-6140
E-mail: [remove the "BFA_" before entering the e-mail address]

Bette Bunker Richards
1655 W. Ajo Way, Unit 399
Tucson, AZ 87513-6632
[remove the "BFA_" before entering the e-mail address]

Because the BFA is a surname association, its genealogists have only compiled records on people named Bunker, for the past 80 years or so.  With computer capabilities, we have enlarged the scope, but only by a generation or so. Part of this is to compile information on descendants of female Bunkers. For example, Mary Bunker marries John Smith.  The BFA records John's data (i.e., birth and place, death and burial, and number of children), but not the names of the children in the main data base as they are named Smith. Information on children is added to supplementary files, but it would only be a notation as where they are to be found; they would still not be in the Bunker surname file (see note below for sites which track descendants of female Bunkers). 

You can -- after joining the free BUNKER list at -- post a query on the Bunker e-mail list

The Bunker Family Association does not contemplate posting of the numerous Bunker family descendancies or GEDCOM files for downloading. Even after years of extensive research and thorough documentation, there are many unanswered questions and problems unresolved.

Many Bunker Family Association members have their own World Wide Web sites  accessible via the Internet, and have posted genealogical information on descendants of Bunker females  for sharing with relatives and others. Other Bunkers have done the same.  We've also included listings for other interesting sites. 

bullet Jane Aldridge's English Bunkers
bulletCharles Liebow's Mount Desert/Cransberry Island history/genealogy
bulletDick Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter
bulletDescendants of Sobriety Bunker Williams
bulletEdward Bunker Association
bullet - Web site of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the
nation's oldest and largest genealogical society, and one of the country's best resources for
family his
bulletJim Johnson's home page
bulletOyster River Plantation and 1694 Indian attacks
bulletRichard G. Bunker's home page
bullet Suzanne Bunkers' web site (German Bunkers but see the site for more)
bullet Suzanne Bunker's web site (the "other SB")
bullet Suzanne Bunker Jordheim's bio (yet another "SB") 

If you have a home page that should be listed here, please contact Douglas Detling at the e-mail address listed below. Or, if you'd like to make a query, please send a message.

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