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October 27th, 2009 at 5:42 am

More on the BFA’s San Diego Reunion in 2010

Bette Bunker Richards, BFA genealogist and hostess for the 2010 reunion in San Diego, posted the following update to the Bunker list at rootsweb:

It is time to think about our reunion again.  The one in 2010 will be different from any we have had before.  We will be going to San Diego, CA and staying at the Holiday Inn Bayside, www.holinnbayside.com.  It has a restaurant on-site, a 9 hole putting green, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong, and free bike use.  Across the street is the Point Loma Harbor with lots of boats, boat rental service, deep sea fishing rentals and a top notch seafood restaurant.  Our hospitality and banquet room has a balcony that overlooks the harbor.  There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel and there is free parking for those that bring their own car.  That is just the beginning.

We will be going sailing!  We will visit the Maritime Museum, www.sdmaritime.com, with its exhibits on the “Star of India”, schooner; the steam ferry boat, “Berkeley”; the harbor pilot boat, the 1904 steam yacht, “Medea”; a Russian submarine, an American submarine and more.  Saturday afternoon, we will go sailing for four hours on CALIFORNIAN, a replica of an 1800s revenue cutter.

Of course, we are also just a few minutes from Sea World, www.seaworld.com/sandiego/; San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park with its many museums, www.balboapark.org/ and old town San Diego.  Next door to the Maritime Museum is the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum, www.midway.org/hours-tickets.

And then we are going to have a pirate party!  Everyone is expected to wear a pirate costume.  Think George Washington for the right era.  However, all sailors wore tight clothes on board as loose clothing would get caught in the riggings.  So knee-length pants and a T-shirt are authentic too.  The men also wore long pants that could be rolled up to the knee and hip length vests to keep warm.  Either a tri-corn hat (on shore) or a knitted watch-cap (on board) was worn by the sailors.  On board they usually went barefoot or in their stocking feet, as it was easier to climb without shoes. Most sailors wore dull colored long stockings but pirates were known for wearing striped ones.   Female pirates wore the same clothing as the men on board and long dresses on shore.  For costumes try your local after-Halloween sales or www.orientaltrading.com.  People without proper pirate clothing just might be forced to walk the plank by our “short” pirates.  (Glow pirate “cutlasses” will be supplied for all the kids so be sure to tell me how many are coming so I can order one for each child).  Also, watch out for those pirates who want to take all your valuables or make you walk the plank.  (Beads and gold coins will be provided for all adults).

Warning: pirates who let their beards get scruffy may have to deal with their irate wives.

Practice your arrrrghs and be ready for a great time in San Diego June 16-20, 2010.  See you there.  Registration blank will be in the November Banner and online (see link below).  Early reservations are needed to sail on the sailboat to be sure everyone gets on board and for the group tour price we are getting so send your reservations in no later than May 1, 2010.

See you there.

Registration form [PDF]

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  • Mary Bunker Ray
    7:43 pm on April 24th, 2010 1

    Nice blog. I am still considering attending, but looking for a companion for the trip from Newark or Philadelphia. May get my daughter Mary to join me.

  • Carol Germain Bruner
    9:46 am on May 10th, 2010 2

    Please send additional details re: registration for the Bunker Family reunion. Thank you. CarolBruner

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