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Individuals interest in sharing or exploring the Bunker family history may join an electronic mailing list maintained at the BFA web site. The list was first established in October 1997, and is open to everyone, even those who have not yet joined the Bunker Family Association.

To join the list, follow these simple instructions in your e-mail program:

1. Send a message to: BUNKER-request@rootsweb.com.

2. In the body of the mail message, type the following::


3. Turn off the signature line in your message (the list-server doesn’t like signature lines). For those who have e-mail accounts at yahoo.com or rocketmail.com, it may be be necessary for the list coordinator to subscribe you manually. If your e-mail account uses these addresses, or if you have any other difficulty subscribing, please contact the list coordinator for help adding you to the Bunker-L or Bunker-D mailing lists at Rootsweb.

You will get an e-mail confirmation that you have been added to the list. Then, once you’ve joined, you can send a message to the group list by addressing your message to:


We hope to share information and queries to make this a productive part of our Bunker Family Association activities. And, of course, If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d like to hear from you. Send any e-mail inquiry to bunker-admin@rootsweb.com.