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BFA Publications – 2017 Update

The Bunker Family Association published an extensive array of materials to aid those interested in sharing Bunker genealogical data and to help preserve the Bunker heritage for impending generations.

In 2007, BFA Historian Bette Bunker Richards completed an electronic version on Devonshire Bunkers. The E-book includes information on descendants of James Bunker of Dover, New Hampshire; Benjamin Bunker and Betsey Daniels of New London, New Hampshire; Thomas Bunker and Alice Pertie of Rattery, Devonshire, UK and William Bunker and Ann Forrester of New Castle, Delaware. The book also includes Devon, England Parish Records, maps and nearly 100 pictures. In addition, we added records of military service for Bunkers from all branches of the family. The E-book contains more than 1,300 written pages, plus indexes. (Please note not all Devon descendants are included, only those entered into the BFA data base, to date.)

A recent project is the 2008 completion of an E-book on Bedfordshire Bunkers. This compilation shows the descendants of Roger Bunker, Tingrith, Bedfordshire, England i.e. George Bunker of Charlestown, Massachusetts and George Bunker of Nantucket. Additional Bedfordshire descendants connected through DNA tests include Thomas Bunker and Clarissa Chamberlin; Samuel Bunker (b 1849) and Almira Goodwin; and Joseph Bunker (b. about 1797 St. Albans, UK) and Mary.  The E-book also includes parish records (except Devonshire) copied to date, military service records from all Bunker families, ships named Bunker Hill with photos and histories, plus numerous images.

Bette Bunker Richards continues to update both compilations with as much as possible about the descendants, especially the descendants of female Bunkers. If there are additions that should be included, please provide those to Bette.

E-books are available only on USB drive
Send $25 check for one book or $35 for both books (on one USB flash drive).
Price includes postage/handling – mail to:
Shirley Bunker Howell, 38 West 1600 South, Orem, UT 84058-7444
Send notice to doug.detling@gmail.com that you have ordered a USB drive

Please indicate which book/s you want. For a limited time, purchasers of either book on a flash drive may request a copy of  the Bunker Family History (see below for description). The copy is free to US purchasers; foreign purchases will pay only for postage.

A limited number of 1931 and 1942 printed genealogies remain in stock. We will not reorder paper copies, however you may find the 1961, 1965 and 1982 editions online.

Those interested in pursuing genealogical research contained in these two publications should contact the BFA president prior to purchase; we don’t want you to be disappointed you can’t find your ancestors. Please send an inquiry letter to Gil Bunker at the address below or <gilbunker@snip.net>.

Bunker Genealogy, 1931 — Charles W. O. Bunker’s compilation of information collected between 1913 and 1931 on Bunkers from Charlestown, Nantucket, Delaware and Maryland; some census records; 797 pages; bibliography; index; hardback edition; was $58.85 postpaid, now $49 (limited stock).

Bunker Genealogy, 1942 — Edward C. (Carl) Moran Jr.’s research of his own Maine (Dover) branch from James Bunker (D-1) to the 11th generation with census records from Maine; index; geographical index; 232 pages; hardback; was $29.60, now $24 postpaid (limited stock).

Bunker Family History —  Henry L. Bunker, III – Informative history of Bunker family, includes an English Bunker Emissary from 1216; wills from 1500s; Charlestown, Nantucket and Dover progenitors; stories; famous, infamous and military Bunkers; maps, charts, illustrations and more; 1984; 147 pages; 8 page index; paperback; $15.00 each; two for $25.00 postpaid.

Make checks payable to: Bunker Family Association, mail to Gil Bunker, Pres., 9 Sommerset Road, Turnersville, NJ 08012-2122