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December 14th, 2008 at 8:24 am

Christmas Gift Suggestion: Bedfordshire Bunkers CD

Bunker Family Association genealogist Bette Bunker Richards has completed the second CD describing Bunker families who originated in Bedfordshire, England.  My contribution was to produce the Bedford CDs, which are now available.

The CD contains information on the descendents of Roger Bunker of Tringrith, Bedfordshire, England, which includes George Bunker of Charlestown and George Bunker of Nantucket, and those connected through DNA testing to this family.  The group includes Thomas Bunker and Clarissa Chamberlin,  Samuel Bunker and Almira Goodwin, and Joseph Bunker, b. about 1797 in St. Albans, UK, and Mary ???

Also included on the CD are parish records (except Devonshire) copied to date, military service information from all Bunker families (compiled by BFA President Gil Bunker), histories and photos of ships named Bunker Hill, and numerous other images and photographs.

Documents on the CD are in Adobe PDF format.  A free version of a PDF reader may be installed from the disc if the user doesn’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent.

The CD may be ordered from Bette Richards by sending a check or money order for $22.50 (includes postage) to her at 1655 W. Ajo Drive, Unit 399, Tucson, AZ 85713-6632.

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