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May 8th, 2009 at 8:48 pm

Need to submit updates for living relatives

Earlier this week, our genealogist Bette Bunker Richards wrote a note that prompted an addition to our web site. Bette said:

Of late, I have a lot of trouble finding people who have died.  Many dying now had parents born after 1930 and that makes it really hard from the obits to connect them.  In 2010 the 1940 census will come out and that will help a bit.

I have an idea … Could we put a copy of the Family Group sheet (both sides) on the web site so people could link to it?  Along with it we could put a statement about updating the records and put in my address so that they could mail or email it to me.  It just might get us some updated information.

So we did just that.   The form has been updated with Bette’s address, and is available via download. The file is


If you can, take a few minutes and update the information on your family or your various Bunker relatives, and send along to Bette so we can update the Bunker Family Association files.

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