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February 25th, 2008 at 10:50 pm

Bedfordshire, England

Bedfordshire is a little west and north of London, and Bunker family genealogist Henry L. Bunker III believed that early Bunker families in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire counties should be considered together in a general way. It appeared to him there had been considerable movement among these counties during the 16th and 17th centuries. Travel distances involved among the many towns in this area were on the order of five to 10 miles.

Two Bunkers are recorded in the early 1500s: Roger, in Tingrith, whose will was recorded in 1515, and John of Pottsgrove, whose will was recorded in 1540. Henry Bunker believed that if these men were related, it would seem probable that John was a son of an unrecorded brother of Roger. Pottsgrove is only four miles from Tingrith.

Roger’s family is well documented through wills and parish records, and this family supplied the two Georges who pioneered the Charlestown and Topsfield-Nantucket branches in New England. Based on current information, it has been concluded these two Georges were first cousins.

The above information is summarized from Henry L. Bunker III’s 1984 Bunker Family History, p. 45.

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  • pbunkeruk
    12:22 am on April 9th, 2008 1

    I recently visited the Bedfordshire and Luton Archives Service and there is a William Bunker of Tingrith shown in the register of wills in 1558. I notice that there is only a mention of Roger and John in the association materials, is William known about? I have a digital photographs of his will if anyone is interested.

  • Carolyn Rust
    8:44 pm on May 24th, 2008 2

    I’d very much like to see a copy of Wm Bunker’s will. Please contact me at crust16@comcast.net. Thank you! Carolyn Rust

  • debra donnelly
    6:56 pm on August 1st, 2008 3

    I would also like to see a copy of William Bunkers will.My email address is tad2pole@yahoo.com.au
    Debra Donnelly

  • Sharryanne
    3:51 am on August 31st, 2008 4

    I would also like to see a copy of William Bunkers will please .My email address is sharryanne@tiscali.co.uk

  • jamesbunker
    5:15 am on April 25th, 2009 5

    i live in bedfordshire (for all of my sins). i think it important to note the presence of several bunkers in millbrook, bedfordshire, + consequently some of the villages around here.

    there is a james bunker (another one!) who died in millbrook, who i believe was the father of a james bunker who ended up in america. apart from being both freaked out + interested at seeing a gravestone with my own name on, i know nothing else.

    it amazes me to see how many bunkers there really are in the world, all seemingly springing out of bedford!

  • Gregory Bunker
    3:00 am on November 15th, 2009 6

    I now live in Gloucester and have been DNA proved to be a Bedfordshire Bunker. It would be great to have some communication with some of you Bedfordshire Bunkers. Please

    I am from Michigan in the U.S. but have lived in England for about 17 years total now. I can follow my family to my 4th great grandfather, Thomas Bunker b. 1802 in New Your. But can not find his parents.

    It would be great to talk with, or even meet with some of English cousions. email: gregbunker@blueyonder.co.uk

  • Gregory Bunker
    7:53 am on April 11th, 2010 7

    I would love to here from any of my relatives from Bedford. I have only ever spoken to one and that was about 5 years ago. I live in Gloucester and travel to Sharnbrook several times a year to visit my wife’s anut. I would like to get to know some of you if only by phone. I am a DNA link with Roger of Tingrath.

    Gregory Bunker

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