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June 28th, 2010 at 6:17 am

Changes to the Bunker Family Association’s Photo Site

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For several years now, the Bunker Family Association’s reunion photos — candids, not the formal portrait usually produced — have been posted in albums on the web master’s photo site.  That isn’t what’s changing. What has changed is that the albums at the Greencity site maintained by Doug Detling will no longer be password protected.

It simply got to be too confusing to maintain separate “album” sites for the Bunker Family Association, my various Roblee relatives who have been taking pictures of cemeteries,  etc.  So what I’m doing is making albums accessible without passwords to folks who are willing to scan the photo albums looking for things of interest.   Albums are accessible to anyone who wishes to visit at greencity.phanfare.com.  Feel free to visit.

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