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July 22nd, 2012 at 9:07 am

BFA to Make Newsletter Copies Available to Members Online

In an effort to reduce expenses from mailing our multi-page quarterly newsletters (the Bunker Banner), we are making available to members options to receive the newsletter electronically via e-mail attachments and downloads.  The BFA officers are working on a proposal that members who elect to receive newsletters via electronic means (e-mailed directly) will qualify for discounted annual membership fees.

The newsletters will be password protected and accessible to members only.

Download a sample copy of the Bunker Banner (the February 2011 edition).  This file and other editions of the Banner, including the upcoming August edition, are posted on the Bunker Banner page.

If you are a Bunker Family Association member (membership will be verified) and wish to view this file electronically and receive future editions via e-mail, send an e-mail to the web site coordinator (doug.detling@gmail.com) requesting that.

The password to this sample will be sent in response, and we will add you to the separate e-mail list. Once added, you will receive future Banners beginning with the first issue after September 1 (the August Banner is scheduled for mailing shortly).

Please copy BFA President Gil Bunker (gilbunker@snip.net) on your e-mail to me, but we ask that you do not send a message to the Bunker list at Rootsweb.

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