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March 10th, 2014 at 5:57 pm

Nantucket Ancestor Portraits to be Auctioned

Three portraits of Bunker Nantucket ancestors are scheduled for auction this weekend.

The auction will be in Ashville, North Carolina on Saturday, March 15 toward the end of this session (Session 2 on March 16) and include three portraits of Nantucket ancestors. N-205 Alexander Downs Bunker (listed as Alexander Davis), his wife Rebecca and his younger brother N-128-II Absalom. The auction includes journals and history kept by Captain Alexander when he was the Nantucket lighthouse keeper, after he retired from whaling.

The complete 114 pp. catalogue is free at the door or available on line www.brunkauctions.com

Absentee or phone bidding is available – all bids must start no lower than ½ the suggested lowest price.

Brunk Auctions phone number 828-254-6846 or  info@brunkauctions.com.

Download the Bunker Ancestors portraits [PDF]


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