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July 5th, 2017 at 8:25 pm

BFA Annual Dues Notices

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The fiscal year for the Bunker Family Association ended June 30, and membership renewal postcards are being mailed to BFA members who receive printed copies of the quarterly newsletter–the Bunker Banner. This is our annual electronic dues renewal notice, so please take a few moments to read and act on it.

As part of your membership benefits in the BFA, many members receive the newsletter electronically and pay a reduced membership rate. Most of us
familiar with other family association newsletters recognize that a quarterly newsletter of 16 pages each for $20 is one of the best family history values on the planet.

The financial status of the Association can only be improved by prompt dues payments. You can continue or extend your membership by making a renewal payment of $20 for electronic copies of the Banner; $25 if receiving printed copies by mail; $30 if from Canada, and $35 from all other countries. To renew your membership through June 2018 or to extend your membership for another year (extensions definitely improve our financial situation), please send your renewal payment to: Bunker Family Association, 690 E. 2780 N., Provo, UT 84604.

Did you know you can renew your membership through PayPal. If so, please select the option “Send money to friends and family” to avoid a service fee reduction from the payment. After you make that selection, you can enter the amount to send with an optional entry to “write a note” where you state you wish to “renew my membership  for another year”. Send payments to
LKBunker@gmail.com and as BFA Treasurer he’ll return an e-mail receipt for your account.

And, as always, if you have any problems receiving your Banner copies electronically, you can contact me (doug.detling@gmail.com) and I will assist you.

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