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August 15th, 2017 at 7:06 am

Bunker Graveyard Photo Update

On August 5, BFA Graveyard Committee Chair Mary Bunker Peterson and Edward Solomon visited two graveyards in New Hampshire monitored by the BFA. In her written report to BFA President Gil Bunker, Mary noted:

“It was a foggy, overcast morning and I took a number of photos to show the condition of the site. I was impressed that there were few changes since I was there last spring, and there were almost no branches down. The posts are the same – some needing repair and some with the rails pulled out. But overall it is still a peaceful and undisturbed spot. The bench is just the same and looks as though it has always been there.

“Ed examined the gate, you will see in the photos, and it has come completely off the hinges. The frame needs to be replaced as the board for the hinges is no longer solid. The gate itself is intact, and the opening side is propped up on the granite post.”

In addition, she stated: “…at some point we will need to think about more stable repairs to the fencing. It would be nice to have the stones cleaned as well.”

The graveyard has received attention recently as it is included as one of the “attractions” of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Because of concerns raised by the BFA, the administrators of the reserve have agreed to downplay the graveyard lest if become too attractive a target for vandalism. Mary noted in her report that “The path down to the graveyard is thickly overgrown – the pictures show this too – and may not appear very inviting to casual visitors. In fact, if I had not known where the path is, I might have been hard put to find it. That’s probably a good thing!”

You may access Mary’s pictures in two ways:

Click on the photo caption above that is linked to the photo album, or used a shortened URL in your browser bar (clicking the link will take you there):


No password is required to view these photos.


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