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January 27th, 2018 at 3:41 pm

Captain Peter “Peleg” Bunker was a Prisoner of Napoleon

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Gil Bunker, President of the BFA, notes in the lead article in the February 2018 issue of The Bunker Banner:

Bette [Vice President and Historian Bette Bunker Richards] and I were delighted to receive correspondence from Anne Morddel, a French Certified Genealogist who requested information about an inmate, and stated Peleg [Bunker], who along with Christopher (N-30) and Henry (N-31-III) were prisoners of war during the Napoleonic era. Anne is researching American mariners, as revealed in French resources, for submission to Legacy webinars while using Peleg as a case study. She also stated Job Bunker “was a bit of a privateer.”

Whoa, back-up here. What’s this tidbit about Peleg being a prisoner of war? The 1965 genealogy reads only that he died in a French prison. There is no mention in the 1965 Bunker Genealogy or the BFA Military Database about POWs during the Barbary Wars (Napoleonic era).

Anne wrote:

I also have been researching American prisoners of war in Napoleonic France for some years in preparation for a biographical dictionary listing them all. Among them is Peleg Bunker who, as you know, died at Verdun in 1806. Other Bunkers were also captives.

More information about Peleg Bunker and a fascinating article by Anne Morddel titled “Bunker Prisoners of Napole0n” can be found in issue #182 of the Banner.  If you are interested, please join the BFA before February 15, and a copy of this issue will be provided to you. See our membership page for dues information.


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