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November 13th, 2018 at 2:02 pm

Bunker Banner Update

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The November issue of the Bunker Banner is out for printing and mail delivery to members, and has been sent via electronic delivery to members who receive that way.

Gil Bunker, BFA President, notes in his column this issue about the tribulations of being an editor of a quarterly newsletter:

Copy for the Bunker Banner is difficult to locate; articles that might be of interest to all the readers is a judgment call, primarily a function of the editor.  I am relegated to gleaning newspaper copy that, hopefully, will spark your curiosity. There are too few contributors so once again I solicit your assistance. Please keep the Banner flying and send your stories; even a couple of lines about recent events that occur in your family. The gossip column is void of current happening.

Thankfully, we will not read about your funeral in this edition. Filling the last page/s with obituaries is not a pleasant chore and I am delighted you heard my request to stop kicking the bucket. Please keep up the good work.



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