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July 14th, 2009 at 6:58 am

Early Details on San Diego Reunion for 2010

Since we all have so many seafaring ancestors, we decided to go sailing in 2010.  We will set sail on the cutter “Californian”, a replica of an 1847 revenue cutter that sailed the coast of California during the gold rush.  www.sdmaritime.org

June 16, 2010 to June 21, 2010, our pirate’s headquarters will be at San Diego Bayside Holiday Inn www.holinnbayside.com, phone 800-662-8899. Rooms for up to 4 adults will be $129 plus those dreaded taxes.  The hotel has a nine hole punting green, billiards, spa, pool, table tennis, exercise room, free parking and free airport shuttle.  The Point Loma and Bayside Bar are on site.  Across the street is the Point Loma Wharf with hundreds of boats, a place to rent a boat for deep sea fishing, seafood restaurant and more.

Friday, we are tentatively planning a dinner in memory of Edward Bunker, the founder of our Mormon branch of Bunkers.

Saturday, we will visit the Maritme Museum www.sdmaritime.org where the schooner “Star of India”, steamboat “Berkeley”, B-39 Russian submarine and more are docked.  In the afternoon, we will take a 4 hour sail on the “Californian” or you can take a trip around the bay on the “Pilot”.  This will be followed with a pirate’s barbeque where we will distribute our loot.  And we may have some “short” pirates who make us walk the plank or other pirate activities.

Get your pirate costumes, cutlasses and other gear together and start planning now for our Bunker pirates invasion of San Diego in 2010.


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