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December 28th, 2011 at 3:42 pm

BFA Database

Bette Bunker Richards posted this on the Bunker e-mail group at Rootsweb:

Since I have just updated to the latest version of The Master Genealogist, the family tree software that the BFA uses, I looked at how many names we now have in the various databases.  All together we have just under 95,000 names. Many of these are duplicates and also several people have more than one name but even if 50% of them fit in that catagory, we have about 50,000 people now listed in the BFA databases.  Every day I add more and actually have two stacks, each about 1 foot high, of papers with information on them that need to be input.  There are several separate databases so that it takes less time to search for someone.  Our largest database is the one with the descendants of James Bunker of New Hampshire and those related to him through DNA tests.  Well, actually, the old database is bigger but it has so many duplicates in it that it is harder to search and I usually use it only as a last resort.

If someone sends me a query, I can usually determine whether we have informaton about that person in just a few minutes as long as I am given any information to go along with the name.  For instance, trying to find a specific William Bunker is impossible but if I am told he married Sarah Johnson and lived about 1850, I can find him or eliminate fairly fast.  Once I receive a query and either find the person in the database or determine that he/she cannot be found, I update that particular file as much as I can by using census records, information from the person making the inquiry, and all kinds of internet sites.  I usually have all the information I can easily find within an hour or so.

The BFA will supply a free pedigree for anyone located in our files.  All we ask in exchange is that you send us information about your family so we can update the files.

The 1940 census records are coming out soon with the indexes so they can easily be searched by name.  This will add a lot of information to our database if I can just find the time to get it done.  I believe we have all the Bunkers listed in the US 1880 census now in the database.  1880 was the first year that all the household members were listed instead of just the head of household.  The 1900 census gave birth months and years and I have tried to get all those records in but I still keep finding new ones so I have a way to go on those.


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