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June 17th, 2008 at 6:06 am

Nathaniel Winslow Gravesite

Nathaniel Winslow, husband of Elizabeth Williams (daughter of Sobriety Bunker), was age 74 in the 1850 Census, listed as living in household of son Stephen Winslow, along with wife “Betsey” at age 63. Nathaniel died in 1852, and was buried on a small hill in Letter E township (originally called Letter E Plantation), Franklin County, Maine.

Dan Earl, who visited the gravesite in 2005, provided this photograph and exact location: Nathaniel’s grave is located Twp. Letter E, near Madrid, Franklin County, Maine. Access is via a private paper company dirt road 6.6 miles off Route 4 (south of Smalls Falls), then down an old brush grown dirt road about 100 yards, thence 20 yards to the north.

Last Friday (June 13, 2008) Manuela and Doug Detling traveled to Farmington, Maine, and met up with Pete and Priscilla Ross, who graciously drove us up into Letter E and shared Franklin County history with us.  We were able to verify the coordinates of the gravesite, which is much overgrown just in the last few years. The timber company that owns the land has marked off the “cemetery” with pink and blue tree ribbons to prevent cutting in this small area.

GPS coordinates are as follows: 44° 50′18.54″ N, 70° 31′ 51.97″ W. The area is approximately 1675 feet above sea level.

There are two other graves, Nathaniel’s grandson Stephen F. Winslow and Joel W. Bryant.  Priscilla Ross says she has been unable to find any link between the Bryant family and the Winslows.

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